What we’re up to

Just dropping by to keep you all updated on the changes we’re currently making to DIVERSE. We’ve been working hard on creating our new toolbar ready for when DIVERSE goes live. For those of you who don’t know, this will allow you to add new links, rate up and down existing ones, view the current pages popularity along with a whole host of other cool features; better still, it’ll be available wherever you are on the internet so there’ll be no need to head back to DIVERSE to access it, cool eh?

How do we plan on making this work I hear you ask? Well, we’re in the process of turning our toolbar into a bookmark; this will allow you to access the toolbar anywhere on the internet simply by clicking the bookmark. Don’t worry about losing the page you’re on though, the toolbar will sit happily at the bottom of your page until you decide you don’t need it anymore and click the hide button. We’ll be releasing a full user guide on how to use this so watch this space!

Other things we’ve done:

Along with making things look pretty we’ve also be focusing on things behind the scenes. We’ve added features that help to remove offensive language from any of the posts; this ensures you or anyone else won’t be offended by the content you see on DIVERSE. You may have also noticed that we use different images to indicate the links within a cloud; well we’ve now added more images to help better distinguish where posts have come from; we’re also added a default image for those posts we’re not so sure about! On top of this we’ve been working hard to restructure the system to help make it faster!

All our changes and updates will appear in this blog so keep your eyes peeled to be the first to know!

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