DIVERSE Meeting July 29 Summary

Following on from our meeting on the 29th July I thought I would share some of the ideas discussed in the meeting.

Firstly there has been some additional interest in the use of the DIVERSE tool. The DIVERSE tool is now being used for a welcome to Lincoln package for new students, the idea being that the tool can be used by new students to learn about recommended places in Lincoln e.g.  places to eat/ shop. This use has already had a positive impact on the project as it has provided some feedback as to the usability of the tool. Additionally this welcome to Lincoln application will serve as a soft opening for the tool before it is fully deployed on a larger scale in September.

In terms of the feedback received some of the additions and changes planned for the tool itself will be a more intuitive system for dealing with unknown websites;  allowing custom icons to represent websites rather than the current default images. Additionally a tool tip system is planned to allow users to get a preview of web pages within the cloud and overall make the tool more interactive for users.

Similarly over the coming weeks we will be looking at integrating some of the other university projects created in house such as linking you and nucleus etc. We will also be looking at developing a backend system for the application to facilitate the analytic side of the tool which will be used heavily in the research which is running parallel to the development of the DIVERSE tool.

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