Introducing DIVERSE: MHT

Today as part of our on-going work to integrate and launch DIVERSE, we took part in a session introducing computing students to DIVERSE. In this session myself and Max gave a talk to level 3 computing students. This talk consisted of giving students an insight into the on-going development of DIVERSE, as well as highlighting the benefits and changes we hope DIVERSE will have on their own studies. This talk also involved a guided and informative tour of how to use DIVERSE, and also was linked back into the students current studies by introducing DIVERSE as a case study for component based software engineering.

Overall myself and Max believe the session went well and ran smoothly, and hopefully has had a positive impact on students and helped raise their awareness of not only DIVERSE, but also other university projects linked to DIVERSE such as Nucleus, OAuth & Jerome etc. Which students may previously have been unfamiliar with.

The second part of this session consists of a workshop which will take place this Friday. This workshop will involve the 40 or so students who took part today actually using DIVERSE and populating resource clouds for a given topic. In this session we will hand out questionnaires and gather volunteers to gain further feedback on the DIVERSE tool. We hope that this feedback can then be used to enhance and improve DIVERSE overall.

The lecture slides from today’s session can be accessed below.

DIVERSE presentation 26/10/2011

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