DIVERSE Update: 31.01.12

Apologies for the delay in updates over the last month, we have been very busy sorting out  the roll out of DIVERSE. The good news however, is that DIVERSE is now being used by Business & Law and HLSS, alongside it’s current usage within the School of Computer Science.

As part of this we are also conducting a survey about attitudes towards online learning. This survey can be found here.

From a technical standpoint, we have incorporated most of the features suggested by users. Based on feedback we received from our second workshop these changes seem to be well received. In terms of stability so far DIVERSE seems to be doing quite well; the real test however will be in the next few weeks when DIVERSE is being used regularly.

Part of the technical upgrades we have carried out also includes the addition of a statistics hub for DIVERSE. This hub is a serious of pages which produces data from how users are using DIVERSE; this data can then be used as part of our research.

In addition, this collection of statistics also allows us to work on future upgrades to DIVERSE, one such example is using these statistics to become part of an incentive program (e.g. user badges etc.) . These ideas will be covered in the future.

Until next time.