Changes to DIVERSE


Just dropping by to keep you all updated with what we’ve been doing over the last week or so. There’s been a few changes to the system which we think help make it more user friendly and easier to use; we’ve added:


  • a preview of the webpages within the cloud; this allows you to view a sample of the page without having to visit it
  • like and dislike buttons for the links when you move your mouse over the relevant image
  • some stats at the bottom of the page about the cloud you’re viewing. You’ll be able to see the most popular link as well at the least popular

    Along with this we’re also looking to work with the University to help incorporate some of their systems into DIVERSE; the next step is to look into how OAuth can be used to help track analytics for each of the clouds and help to keep the clouds for university students only.



    In the coming weeks we’re looking to create an application to make installing the toolbar even easier; you’ll simply download the application and the bookmark will automatically be added to your browser. In the meantime we’ve updated our manual; check it out here for info on how to start using the toolbar!

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